Performance & Talent Management

Our Performance & Talent Management solutions get to the heart of what might be adversely impacting personal, team and organisational performance and then help you address them.

The Challenges


You need to improve your sales and/or operational performance.
You’re concerned about key aspects of organisational performance (e.g. Sales, Operations, HR etc.) but can’t pinpoint where specific competency or skill gaps may be having an impact. One thing’s for sure though and that’s you need to get to the bottom of it and put the necessary development actions in place to address them.
You need to populate a new organisation and put together a robust succession plan quickly and cost-effectively.
You're about to implement some organisational changes and you need to get a better understanding of your internal capabilities, your succession gaps and your people of potential. You can’t afford to cut corners, but you need to do things quickly and cost-effectively (including only recruiting externally where necessary).
You want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Performance Management.
You take Performance & Talent Management seriously but want your PDR process to be delivered more efficiently and have a greater impact on organisational performance.

Our Solutions

Our Performance & Talent Management solutions get to the heart of what might be adversely impacting personal,
team and organisational performance and then help you address them.


Mindoro helps you set up, manage and run Self, 180° and 360° Assessments, as well as Competency Based Interviews or other Assessment Centre Exercises, all using a single platform.

This means that you can capture, process and report the degree of fit for either a current or prospective job role, as well as any development needs in real-time, resulting in lower assessment costs and significant time savings for individuals, their managers and assessors.

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Assessment Services

We have developed and managed a range of assessment processes from Self-Assessment through 180° and 360° Assessment to full Assessment Centre Management. Our diversity of experience is key and we have helped clients improve Sales Performance, Operational Excellence, HR Management, Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Leadership and General Management Effectiveness.

Unlike many Assessment Service Providers, we don't just help you uncover those issues impacting performance, we also provide targeted solutions for addressing them. By drawing 'lines of sight' between Competencies, Assessment Evidence Indicators and Development Solutions, you can be assured that our approach makes a real difference.


A highly flexible and customisable digital PDR (Performance & Development Review) system, which can deliver your existing PDR process more efficiently, or be used as a basis for transforming performance management.

With a focus on the bigger picture of organisational performance, what differentiates ONTrack from typical PDR systems is that it aligns personal objectives with the goals of the organisation, provides richer, real-time reporting on the factors impacting performance and encourages more of a continuous performance review & dialogue between individuals and line managers.

The end result is improved personal and organisational performance.

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The Results

As a result of working with us in this area, you can achieve:



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