A highly flexible, digital PDR (Performance & Development Review)
system that can be tailored to your specific needs. Integrate with,
improve or mirror your existing PDR process, with richer, real-time reporting.

A Flexible,
Digital PDR System...
to your Needs

ONTrack is flexible and can be tailored to your specific organisational needs & PDR (Performance & Development Review) requirements. We can integrate with your existing PDR process, mirror it entirely into a digital format or use to make changes to improve performance.

In developing ONTrack we have also taken the performance drivers consistently shown to bring about sustained high performance and incorporated them into a secure, practical and high impact Performance and Development Review (PDR) solution accessible on any device.

Increasing Alignment & Buy-in to Organisational Goals

Some organisations seem to get everything right. Almost all of their initiatives succeed and even when something fails it only has a temporary impact. Furthermore, these organisations are able to sustain their performance, even during testing economic times.

ONTrack helps you do this, by enabling personal objectives to be aligned with organisational goals, as well as providing a platform for you to communicate your vision & strategic goals in a clear and engaging way, so that your people know how and where their performance is contributing.


Continuous Performance Review and Dialogue

With ONTrack individuals and line managers are able to have more of a continuous performance dialogue (via such functionality as Manager Notifications), as well as being able to undertake annual reviews of performance etc.

This means that:



Improved Performance & Talent Management across Organisation

ONTrack puts individuals and line managers at the heart of performance and talent management, identifying and addressing issues impacting personal, team or organisational performance.

It achieves this by encouraging and helping organisations and managers to:

  • Articulate & share vision & strategic goals
  • Set & align goals throughout the organisation
  • Review & manage performance
  • Understand and fill any capability gaps
  • Adopt a more targeted approach to development

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