Helping you define, diagnose and deliver step-change improvements in critical areas
impacting individual, team & organisational performance.

Flexible Assessment

Mindoro is a highly flexible Assessment Management system which helps you run more informed, efficient and cost-effective talent assessment processes, including:

  • Self &/or Manager Assessments
  • 180° Assessments
  • 360° Assessments
  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Assessment Centre Exercises

This means you can scale and run all of your assessment processes for individuals, managers and assessors on a single platform.

Data Collection
& Reporting

With Mindoro you are able to fully configure your own Assessments, using either our pre-built diagnostic questionnaires & exercises or by using your own.

Then having set up your Assessment process, Mindoro enables:

  • Self/Manager/180°/360° Questionnaires to be completed
  • Assessment Centre Exercises (e.g. In Tray, One to One Simulations, Group Exercises etc.) to be marked
  • Competency Based Interview Assessments to be undertaken

...all quickly and easily and reducing the time to produce meaningful reports.


Talent Decisions

Mindoro is also about more than streamlining Assessment processes.

By mapping competencies to job role profiles and then aligning the evidence produced from any assessment process to the relevant competency, Mindoro captures, processes and reports:

...all in real-time.

This means you can make more informed talent decisions, whether that's appointing somebody internally, putting together a development plan, drawing up a list of succession candidates or recruiting externally.



Delivering Development Solutions

And with Mindoro, the process doesn’t stop with the generation of a tailored Assessment Report. Access can also be provided to a range of Feedback Support Tools & Learning & Development Solutions to help clarify & close any competency gaps, resulting in improved personal, team and organisational performance.

So, by using Mindoro you'll be:

  • Improving your Functional, Leadership, Graduate or other Assessment processes
  • Reducing cost & time, but without compromising on the quality of the outputs
  • Confident that your Assessment tools are getting to the heart of those competencies essential for effective job performance and then addressing any gaps.

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