Helping you keep your finger on the pulse and address those issues impacting employee
engagement, productivity & alignment to organisational goals, all in real time.

Keeping Your Finger
on the Pulse

Too often, Employee Engagement, Attitude or Organisational Effectiveness Surveys are slow and cumbersome, meaning that by the time people have responded, data has been analysed and reports produced, everyone has lost interest in the process…becoming even more disengaged. Not exactly, what you're looking for is it?

With i-engage, managers and team leaders can keep their finger on the pulse and address employee engagement issues etc. as soon as they're identified. Also, by building a picture of and addressing employee engagement from the bottom up, the wider organisation need only focus on common issues that extend beyond the team or function.

Measuring Real Employee Engagement

i-engage helps you get to the heart of what's impacting employee engagement, with a pre-populated suite of team diagnostic tools and solutions, focusing on a number of key Engagement Indicators.

Our diagnostic tools align to each Engagement Indicator meaning that you can readily identify which areas are providing cause for concern within particular teams, with reports and tools available that target essential areas for improvement.


For Individuals,
Teams & Organisations

With i-engage, you can undertake any individual, team or organisation-wide diagnostic, by either building your own questionnaire(s) or adopting a ‘pick and mix' approach with our pre-populated question set.

Also, with flexibility in the way you build, provide access to, report on and address those issues impacting your own organisation's effectiveness, you can:



Providing Practical Solutions

i-engage not only identifies the issues but also provides access to solutions, meaning your managers and team leaders will feel more equipped and empowered to address those issues, improving their team's and ultimately their organisation's performance and effectiveness.

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