Remote Working

Engaging with, managing and supporting your people working anywhere,
including remotely, is at the heart of all our solutions, encouraging connectivity,
productivity and mental wellbeing.

The Challenges


Staying connected with your staff
For many people used to an office environment, working from home/remotely may initially feel like a bit of a novelty but before long they are likely to miss the companionship of office colleagues or the normal day to day conversation around a coffee machine or water cooler.
Making sure staff are productive
You may also be worried or curious about how productive your employees are being whilst remote working – it certainly shouldn’t mean that they feel less accountable for their actions and meeting goals/deadlines. Whilst your normal one-to-ones or regular team meetings may no longer be possible, using digital technology to monitor key performance metrics certainly is, as well as replicating face-to-face interaction.
Keeping remote working employees engaged
For most people, work provides an identity and sense of belonging which is often easier to sustain in an office-based facility, with people working together to accepted norms and behaviours. Working remotely, particularly from home, can mean your people run the risk of being less engaged. This means it’s even more important for your people to feel valued, well communicated with and respected.

How we can Help

With extensive experience in creating and implementing remote working solutions,
as well as working with (and only ever in!) remote teams, we are well positioned
to help organisations adapt to their current working challenges.

Keeping People Connected

Working with you, we’ll provide you with a secure, personalised digital channel to share key messages to all workers no matter where they are, as well as provide guidance, training and performance support all in one place. Whether you’re exploring the use of podcasts, video or any other digital medium, we can help you establish the best way to structure your solution to take advantage of what you’ve created.

Facilitating Effective Remote Working

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited business working exclusively from home office environments, we have extensive experience of remote working…and the challenges it creates! As well as providing access to content, implementing our ONTrack Performance Management bolt-on allows you to set the context for and facilitate performance appraisals with people working in both office based and remote working environments.

Maximising Engagement

Our digital solutions are designed with employee engagement at their heart, fully branded and tailored to your needs. This means that those working remotely can access content that’s relevant to their world, whether that’s communications, training, performance support or other work-related content, enabling you to track usage, performance and in the context of key training, compliance.


The Results

We can help you pull all of your communication, learning, training and performance support content and resources together, across multiple devices (mobile, tablet and desktop) and give you the ability to target it to specific user groups – meaning those that are working remotely will feel connected, productive and engaged.

We can also act as a valuable extension to your existing team, offering our significant expertise to help you when resource may well be restricted, and timelines tight.

As a result, you can be confident that your people, teams and organisation as a whole can continue to work effectively together, in ever-changing circumstances.

"Wilson James have been working with IMHR for over 5 years – we run our Onboarding & Induction programme using their GO platform, and also provide our employees with access to a range of learning materials we've produced. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we've been able to quickly create and curate a range of digital content specifically designed to help people with the challenges of working from home, and to give them regular updates as to how the business is managing the situation. The team at IMHR react quickly to any of my requests and having had a number of my colleagues furloughed, have been happy to provide a bit of extra resource when I've needed it. If you’re looking for a way to communicate and support your people - and a bit of expertise in doing it - I'd really recommend having a chat with them. "

Rosa Osman, Learning & Development Manager @ Wilson James



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